BIS 221 Week 3 Learning Team Collaborative Discussion Wireless Technologies Paper

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BIS 221 Week 3 Learning Team Collaborative Discussion: Wireless Technologies Paper
Prepare for the Week 3 Wireless Technologies Paper Individual assignment.

Discuss with your learning team some of the wireless technologies used in public places or places where people congregate (airports, restaurants, coffee shops, universities).

Consider the increasing number and variety of locations where wireless technologies are available as well as the pervasive use of smart phones, GPS, automobile systems, etc.

Consider the expanding range of applications available to users in these devices.
In your learning team, play the role of a business, government, or non-profit organization wanting to communicate and interact better with customers/clients using wireless technologies.  

Develop answers to the following questions as you work to create your new customer interaction plan:

Describe the types of messages needed (e.g., advertisement, loyalty offers, new services announcements, transaction updates).
Research 3-5 options for using wireless technologies to form a channel for reaching customers/clients with the messages.
Describe the advantages and disadvantages, limitations and risks for each wireless technology choice.  
Rank the options according to their advantages, disadvantages, risks and limitations.
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