Jelling Chains - Commercial Use

A set of 4 editable vector and Hi-res ornament designs

All the designs are based on the principles and characteristics of the actual Jelling style ornaments from artefacts found predominantly in Scandinavia from c. 900 – 975.

The designs are perfect for your embroidery project as well as other craft and design projects where you want to add a touch of authentic Viking Age style.

The graphics set is available either for personal or commercial use.

If you find my work valuable, please name a fair price. By purchasing these graphics, you support my continued work. Thanks to you, I'll be able to keep sharing the knowledge about the Vikings and Viking Age art for free.

What's in the package
All four designs are available as:

  • Vectorised EPS files.

  • Vectorised Adobe Illustrator files.

  • Vectorised PDF files.

  • Hi-res JPG files.

  • Hi-res PNG files.

Mix & Match To Fit Your Needs
All four chains are created in a congruent style to be used in the same overall designs, and two of the patterns can even be linked directly in numerous ways to create unique combinations of chains.

All 8 Individual Pieces Included In The Set
The set includes four chain ornament designs consisting of a total of 8 unique parts, which can be put together to form running patterns.

4 Versions For Ease Of Use
The set includes four different versions of the four chain designs; a coloured, a coloured with transparent background and a greyscale version for reference and use in graphic design projects, and an outline version on a grid for easy transfer to your craft project.

You can:

  • Use it for any commercial project or product.

You can't:

  • Resell the files as is in any way (without applying them to your project or product).

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