Mavic D-Log Corrective LUT

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Stop wasting time color correcting D-log.

  • Corrects the flat D-Log image to match the vibrant D-Cinelike.

  • Maintains the smooth highlight rolloff of D-Log to give you the best of both profiles.

Designed for style settings +1,-1,-1, load the D-Log Corrective LUT onto any clip for a perfect correction. 

  • matches D-Cinelike gamma for a cinematic look

  • preserves true and natural colors

  • avoids strange color shifts like other LUTs

  • easy to apply and fast to render

  • works alongside Mavic LowLight Pack :


  • The D-Log LUT  is the BEST that I've found for the Mavic! - Jim R.

  • Just tested your D-Log LUT against another, yours is much more forgiving and less extreme...looks great, thanks for making it! - Dreamlike Pictures 

 Checkout may not work with Microsoft EDGE or IE! Please switch broswers.
You need a plugin to load these LUTS
For FCPX you can install a free LUT loader here :

For instructions on using LUTs in Premiere see this : 
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