HCS 219 Week 3 Time Value of Money Worksheet

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 HCS 219 Week 3 Time Value of Money Worksheet

Resource: Time Value of Money Worksheet

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Complete the Time Value of Money Worksheet.

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Time Value of Money Worksheet


Part 1: Complete the following table by inserting your responses to the questions. Cite any sources you use. 









































Define the time value of money.
Provide a real-world example for the time value of money.
Why is time such an important factor in financial matters?
How would you use the time value of money to your financial benefit?


Part 2: Complete the following tables by calculating the ratios.













































Compounding period
Rate of interest
Present value
6% for 10 years
4% for 15 years



















































Initial cost of investment
Periods of useful life
Estimated annual net cash inflow generated
Look-up table value
Rate of interest

























































Purchase price of equipment
Period of useful life
Annual revenue generated per year
Operating costs associated with revenue
Depreciation expense per year
Payback period result
10 years
10 years
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