« Short warm up mentalism effects . Anytime, anywhere, practical,easy, direct and impromptu . What else do you want !» Some of the simple ideas presented in this ebook , can also be used as safety nets , in case something goes wrong one day, in your existing routines .Those (tested) "tools" can be combined together and should open more doors to creative minds and allow you to improvise your Magic ...Some ideas are bold , but they are real life workers and fun to perform and for the audience.Some are new (I think) , some are old, but taken to a next level . No gimmicks are used.Only "normal" props that either will take no place in your pockets , or that can be borrowed . « W(h)i(t)ch hand ? » : A classic : A spectator hides a coin in one of his fists and the performer shows which hand. - Works 100% of the time. You can bet money on it if you want ! - Looks impromptu - No gimmicks , no electronics - Versatile - Presentation can vary - Anytime, anywhere, anybody (except armless people (- ;) - Simple and direct - Fun to perform ! « F(l)air play » Here is a nice little effect and method, that can be used to give away your business card and will leave a good impression on your spectator.It can be an alternative to another completely different method I explained in one of my ebooks ( « LOVEMYSTERIES » ). Effect : The spectator finds the only business card that had a message on its back. It is the one that he freely chose to sign. - Impromptu, no preparation, no R/S , etc.Everything is done during the performance. - Versatile : Can be used for any occasion, event,venue or corporation ,etc. just by modifying the message on the business card - Everything can be examined before and after... « Fair will » : You predict which person will take which objet among three, but without using Deddy Corbuzier's subtlety ,and with NO ambiguity : « Linda's decisions : Gerry will have the business card , Linda will have the coin, and on the table ,will be the pen. ».Very bold but it works ! « Fair(y) (cock)ta(i)l(e)s » Show five (or more) beermats with cocktails on them, or beer caps, color tokens,Poker chips, etc. They can represent candies,cocktails,M&M's,etc. Put a prediction on the table in full view. After a fair elimination , only one is left .It is the one on your prediction. The bonus is that you can also explain why this happened and how you subliminally influenced the spectator ! This will make them think... « A fair guess » A card is selected from a shuffled deck (by the spectator) .The participant creates a new card in his/her mind .The performer finds both cards BEFORE the spectator names them.(There are some cases when it may not work 100% for one of the cards but it is even stronger if presented as a mentalism test.) This one requires some sleight of hands,but it is very strong , and worth the effort (and the price of this ebook !). «Fair ACAAN » The performer places an envelope on the table and won't touch it again. A spectator thinks of a card.No force. Then he/she thinks of a number.No force. He/she can change his/her mind. The spectator opens the envelope and amazingly, the card and the number are in there !Again, it is very bold but it plays well as an opener.
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