Elf Monogram File

This file is super impressive and would look amazing on shirts, signs, glass blocks, as a auto decal, pj's and so much more!
Please note that I have simplified it as much as possible, but it does contain layers. Most beginners should be able to handle it with ease. The file does come separated by color and is simple to "puzzle piece" together.
******Special Note on Layering: Your monogram needs to be added to the top layer of the ornament (the gold color here) BEFORE cutting. This will cut the monogram out, so when it's layered, you will be able to see the black or brown that is underneath as the monogram. (whichever you choose, I used brown here) This ornament will need to be layered on IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE BLACK OR BROWN BASE. If you put the elf on first, his hand and arm will be covered by the ornament. You can do the other layers however you choose, but the first two MUST go down in this order.
File comes in SVG, DXF, and JPG formats.
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