Dan Mumm's 2016 Collection - 7 Studio Recordings, 8 Guitar Tabs and 7 Backing Tracks

The 2016 Collection includes all of Dan's releases from 2016 except for the songs found on Hortulus Melicus Vol.1 - as well as "La Poule" from Dan's "No Illusions" EP but now including the full lead guitar tab and backing track.

Collection includes:

♪ 7 Studio Recordings in mp3 format
♪ 8 Guitar Tabs in PDF format
♪ 8 Guitar Tabs in Guitar Pro 6 format
♪ 7 Backing Tracks in mp3 format

Song list:

1."Badinerie" - J.S. Bach
2. "Chromatic Etude" - Original Song *
3. Invention No. 4 - J.S. Bach
4. "La Poule" - Jean-Philippe Rameau **
5. "Penumbrae" - Original Song ***
6. "Synchronicity" Original Song ****
7. The Four Seasons: Winter - Vivaldi
* "Chromatic Etude" also includes the tab for the original 2011 version of the song entitled "Chromatic Study" for Classical acoustic guitar.

** "La Poule" was originally released in Dan's "No Illusions" EP.  The complete lead guitar tab and backing track were released in 2016 and are included in this collection. 

*** The first single from the upcoming 2017 release, "Hortulus Melicus" Vol. 2

**** From Dan's 2016 album "Peering Through the Lens of Time" with full lead guitar tab and backing track.

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