Calling Spots issue 11

What is inside? The Future is Now – Why NXT is giving WWE a bright future, today. Jimmy Fucking Havoc – Part one of our in-depth interview with the UK’s most nefarious bad guy. No Gimmicks Needed – We look at the legacy Power Slam has left behind and catch up with it’s editor Fin Martin. Hastily Hated Helmsley – Part one of our career retrospective of The Game. (Don’t) Believe the Hype – Our resident Japanese aficionado tells us why so many wrestling fans support the Bullet Club. Rebellion 1999 – A look back at the UK-only PPV 15 years on. It’s Party Time – We are delighted to announce that TNA British Boot Camp star and one of the UK’s finest wrestlers ‘Party’ Marty Scurll has joined our writing team to tell us about his must unusual experiences as a pro wrestler.
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