"Hortulus Melicus" Vol. 1 - 2016 5 song EP with Guitar Tabs and Backing Tracks

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This collection contains the complete 2016 5 song EP "Hortulus Melicus" Vol. 1 with full lead guitar tabs (in both Guitar Pro and PDF format) and backing tracks for each song.  Songs included are as follows (for the individual song/tab/backing track packs click the link next to the title):

1. Lo               https://sellfy.com/p/ZFOB
2. Omega       https://sellfy.com/p/KpxD
3. Whirlwind   https://sellfy.com/p/BRML
4. Haunted     https://sellfy.com/p/MULb
5. Wanderer   https://sellfy.com/p/0Kil

This collection includes:
♪ 5 Studio Recordings in Mp3 Format
♪ 5 Complete Lead Guitar Tabs in PDF Format
♪ 5 Complete Lead Guitar Tabs in Guitar Pro 6 Format
♪ 5 Complete Backing Tracks in Mp3 Format
♪ A $15 Value

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