I decided some time ago that the term ‘anti-Semitism’ – a ‘coined’ term of late 19th Century origin – is completely inadequate for the abhorrent cultural phenomenon which it attempts to describe. For one thing, Arabs are Semites as well and the prejudice as it is generally understood certainly doesn’t apply equally to Arabs and Jews.

It was in the early stages of researching this graphic narrative that I first encountered the German term "Judenhass".

Literally "Jew hatred". It seemed to me that the term served to distil the ancient problem to its essence, and in such a way as to hopefully allow other non-Jews (like myself) to see the problem
‘unlaundered’ and through fresh eyes. Europe and various other jurisdictions aren’t experiencing a sudden upsurge in "anti-Semitism". What they are experiencing is an upsurge in Judenhass.

Jew hatred.

So that’s what I’ve chosen to call this story.

— Dave Sim, Writer/Artist/Publisher


"Judenhass is an astonishing piece of work. Painful and real and unflinching. I don't remember the last comic I read that made me cry, but this did."
— Neil Gaiman

"To apply the term ‘beautiful’ to this book may be a misnomer considering the subject matter, but its impact cannot be denied."
— Joe Kubert

"This wise, appalled, deeply humane response to an endless shock and sorrow could come only from the profoundly thoughtful Dave Sim."
— Peter Straub

"Dave Sim's "Judenhass" is a noble enterprise, reminding us of a painful and shameful part of human history. His writing and artwork are dramatic"
— Jean Shuster Peavy, Sister of Joe Shuster (Artist-Creator of SUPERMAN)

"Judenhass is endlessly disturbing, often unpleasant and incessantly horrifying in its stark coldness. The quotes should never be forgotten or made light of. It is why all people of good will say, 'Never again.'"
— Marv Wolfman

"As usual, trailblazing Dave Sim is way out in front. Look what he has accomplished in Judenhass. He begins at the beginning, defining his terms, as he looks at an ancient and world-wide problem from a fresh perspective."
— Robin Snyder, Editor/Publisher - The Comics

"I was literally trembling by the time I finished reading it."
— Matthew Brady

"Grade: A"
— Weekly Comic Book Review

"Highly recommended. Grade of A."
— EG Comics

"...an important book...", "...thoroughly researched..."
— Comics Bulletin
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