April 27-May 3 Dollar a Day Training Workout (5) (Week of Fat Loss 2.0)


Last week I shared that because I was heading Florida in a week, so my goals were to lean out and tighten up; I adjusted my meals and workout designs to fit these goals and, of course, shared them all with you. Since it was such a huge success last week and due to the overwhelming positive response, I decided to create a second version to keep you all on the road of results. I had great results this week and I hope you did to!

About this week's workouts: 5 workouts consisting of weight training (legs, glutes, calves, back, chest, biceps, triceps, shoulders, abs) & HIIT cardio designed to build a fit body while decreasing body fat. Workouts that are result driven and motivating at ~45min per workout. My favorite workouts this week: cardio & ab circuit and a shoulder & glute/plyo workout.
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