VIDEO - Tower bun + special buns


Kateryna has perfect and super silky, straight knee length hair.
With all that hair, she can make a lot of amazing hair styles like braids, ponytails and buns, and there are SO many variations!
In this video, she shows some extravagant bun styles that will blow your mind completely!

These buns are special, funny, special and very elegant, and they would definitely give the woman who wore them a big chance of winning a fashion show!

She starts by making a very tall, huge bun that every long hai enthusiast loves, the tower bun!
We love the tower bun and Kateryna does too!
It´s very tall and almost ready to fall, so she really has to balance it on her head.
Then she makes a very, very special bun which we don´t know what to call to be honest, you just have to see it for yourself!

Followed by those buns, she makes a HUGE tower bun!
That bun does not stay for long, because it is gigantic, but the seconds where it stays in, are really special and you just have to see them!

This might be one of the best bun videos we have ever done so far, so do not miss this!

In this video, you will see many different buns, bundrops and taking the buns out, ponytails, hair twisting, hair play and display and more!

This video is over 11 minutes in length.
Publication date: 10. April 2018

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