Quantum Caster (Paper Radionics Manifestation Machine)

Quantum Caster
Quantum Caster is the next evolution of personal Radionics devices.  

This is not your grandpas Radionics device.   This paper Radionics device is more powerful than a Rad5.  

It is taken me over 30 years of research trial and error in order to create this product.   For years I have been dealt developing the quantum love talismans. I studied a number of esoteric sciences are including voodoo mind controlled chaos magic sigil magic.   I have done extensive Sacred Geometry research make one of the most powerful paper chi generators on the planet. This is truly one of the most powerful images that I have ever created.

Quantum Caster charges the mind, body, and soul. It is a must have tool for all forms of spell casting. The power of this image can be utilized for manifestation, healing, psychic seduction and protection.  

A RAD5 cost thousands of dollars. Why pay that amount when you can just print a Quantum Caster with more power.      

Quantum Caster specification sheet:    

The ability to run simultaneous trends on multiple targets  

The ability to connect to a super powerful Life force generator  

The ability to send multiple sigils's to a specific target  

The ability to work on multiple targets at once  

Simple to use  


Response to VoiceCommands  

Able to print multiple setups to form an array  

Ability to work with a number of healing modalities  

Ability to work with essential oils  

Ability to work with power crystals  

Ability to work with flower essences  

Ability to set up psychic defensive shields for multiple targets  

Super powerful healing modes  

Works with powerful sigil packs        

This is not a toy! This is one of the most powerful manifestation tools on the planet.    

Bonus Material  

Paper Radionics  pyramid and cube.

This 3-D pyramid and cube are a powerful stand-alone radionic devices that you can program for Advanced metaphysical operations.

You can combine the Q and the pyramid and the quantum caster all together to form a super Manifestation device. Simply pulled the pyramid and place your intent inside of it. For a added boost place your headphones inside the pyramid and Play the included audio sigils for even faster manifestation.      

Secret Targeting System  

Quantum Love 4.5


I used job caster to find a new job it worked in a matter of weeks, the new work environment is way better than the last. I also find q caster to be a fast acting radionics program and relationships with people are a lot better since using cord cutter just to name a few of the positive results Ive been having using your products.

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