VIDEO - Covered 2


After a lot of requests, we made this video, and Kateryna loved it!
Inspired by the first "Covered" video with Alena which can be found here:

Kateryna is a big fan of Alena, and she has watched a lot of our videos with her.
She does not only admire the length of her hair, and the thickness, but she also admires her beauty and the things she does with her hair, like the hair play moves she does.

This is a very special video, just like the first "Covered" video, where the main idea of the video is that the model shall be compeltely covered with her own her while doing some great hair play movements, and this really shows the texture of the hair as well as the hair play and modeling skills of the model.

This can of course only be done with the models that has super long hair, so both Kateryna and Alena fits that requirement perfectly.

This video is a result of the creativity of Kateryna, Alena and the RealRapunzels team, so in other words; the video is good!

We will not spoil the great movements and all the fun by telling you in this description what she will do, but some of the things are: long hair play and display, covering her whole body and face with her hair, wrapping her hair around her face and head, hair brushing and much more!

This video is over 9 minutes in length.
Publication date: 12. April 2018

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