Financial and Managerial Accounting: PR8-3B The cash account for Ambulance Systems at February

Financial and Managerial Accounting PR8-3B Bank reconciliation and entries The cash account for Ambulance Systems at February 29, 2012, indicated a balance of $20,580. The bank statement indicated a balance of $24,750 on February 29, 2012. Comparing the bank statement and the accompanying canceled checks and memos with the records reveals the following reconciling items:
a. Checks outstanding totaled $9,300.
b. A deposit of $12,000, representing receipts of February 29, had been made too late to appear on the bank statement.
c. The bank had collected $6,240 on a note left for collection. The face of the note was $6,000.
d. A check for $140 returned with the statement had been incorrectly recorded by Ambulance Systems as $410. The check was for the payment of an obligation to Holland Co. for the purchase of office supplies on account.
e. A check drawn for $725 had been incorrectly charged by the bank as $275.
f. Bank service charges for February amounted to $90.

1. Prepare a bank reconciliation.
2. Journalize the necessary entries. The accounts have not been closed.
3. If a balance sheet were prepared for Ambulance Systems on February 29, 2012, what amount should be reported as cash?
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