Duties of Corporate People

Director is a part of top management. The major duty of a corporate director is to supervise or to oversee the activities performed within an organization. Actually, director is considered as a guardian of a corporation. His duty is to supervise and to treat his workers equally; to guide them towards the path of success, to give them autonomy to discover their interests, to provide employees with corporate responsibilities with a conscientious fairness, integrity and sincerity in purpose. (Dowell, 2012)

Directors must have good decision making capabilities and they are bound to provide good judgments. He should be loyal to his work and to his staff. Besides above mentioned duties, directors are responsible for the duty of disclosure. (Kim, 2010) The disclosure is supported by business judgment rule; according to this rule, those directors who works with good faith, belief and for the best interest of the company, will be given more admiration by courts and will be protected from legal actions
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