Mediumship: The Power of the Story

I used to believe it was those in the audience with the greatest need that received communications during demonstrations of mediumship, but I learnt very quickly that it’s actually the people in the spirit world with the greatest need that communicate. In fact it’s the spirit person’s ‘will to communicate’, which is fuelled by the love they have for their loved one, that enables the communication to take place. Naturally, each spirit communicator will have certain things they need to impart to their loved ones. A mother in the spirit world may want to communicate with her son not only to help heal his grief and to uplift him, but also to provide enough information that differentiates her from all the other people in the spirit world who could communicate. When the medium acknowledges that each spirit communicator has particular things they need to impart it then becomes obvious that our purpose as a medium is to allow the spirit person to tell their story, whatever story that may be, in order that the communicator’s needs can be satisfied.
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