Resellable files - Rules
1. You may not give resell rights to anyone else.
2. You may not claim it as Your own - You have to put banner, which is listed below + info ''I have resell rights from Yannomi"
3. All resellable files are limited to small amount of Buyers.
4. You have to keep list who bought file from You
Because I need to know who owns file legitimately (bought) and who stole it. I keep track of my sales.
5. You have to tell me where You will be selling those files.
6. You have to obey all other Rules I have for my File Sales.

You have to put this by the File You're gonna sell:
and clicky link to my group
if You will have problem to make clicky banner from this image- message me and i will send you code

I have resell rights from Yannomi
[ image link ] http://i.imgur.com/ab2yZmv.png
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