PUBG script universal no recoil for Logitech G for any sensitivity | Large distance lowers accuracy

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At long range the accuracy is greatly reduced - macro not adds accuracy! Accurate fire at long range only single fire mode control by hands!

To take first place and become the last hero will help you PUBG scripts written specifically for mice Logitech series G. weapon in the game has a strong spread and the rated accuracy is only in the first shot, then a random pattern, which consequently does not allow to write scripts clamping high precision. Using modules reduces the recoil force and reduce the horizontal and vertical spread that does not substantially improves the accuracy of shooting.

We offer a universal script for any in the Arsenal of game weapons with auto-fire! Convenient universal script with the activation of the suppression recoil by pressing the mouse scroll wheel and adjustment of the recoil force of the plus and minus buttons! You don't need to minimize the game to set a defined macro, when you change weapons, or change its characteristics you need only to adjust out of two buttons!

You can change the button activate/deactivate by default it corresponds to the 3 button press on the mouse scroll wheel. And the buttons "plus" and "minus" convenient to you.

The ability to change mouse sensitivity in the game, as well as the use of inversion mode of the Y-axis! If your usual sensitivity in the game has other indicators will change 50. If you play with inversion, just add a minus sign before the value of sensitivity.

During testing of the script in the game, were recorded values for firing short bursts (efficiency and accuracy 6-8 shots) change return buttons "plus"/"minus". To achieve the recoil compensation, you are required a certain number of button presses "plus"/"minus". At first it may seem that a lot of them and can be confusing, but after playing a few hours you will remember the number of clicks for the main weapon and then for you all will be in automatic mode. Or you can write all of these indicators and to place before the eyes.
Best accuracy in the first 6-8 shots, after then is there the easy recoil, but to control it much easier, but it's only for short distances. Long distance - only shooting in short bursts!!!

In the presence of a gaming keyboard the Logitech G-series switch adjustment mode script and recoil "Plus" "Minus" appears on the display!

The weapons in the game has 3 options of firing: single, burst and auto. With the help of scripts .LUA can be effectively reduced recoil for automatic weapons! For semi-automatic firing modes it all depends on the speed of mouse clicking LMB - requires individual adjustment of the recoil force to the speed of your clicks, to advise with the settings is not possible, experiment under single mode with the values "plus"/"minus"!
If you are confused about the number of clicks "plus"/"minus" - deactivate and activate the script! The return value will reset to zero!

After installing the module the decreasing returns it is possible to change recoil, pay attention in what direction it takes when shooting up or down, and if need be tweak by pressing the keys "plus"/"minus". More noticeable on scope x2 and x4. Default values were tested with no modules.
Recoil down - click on "minus". Recoil up - click on "plus".

Attention! When you use the script don't forget to switch the weapon in automatic firing mode!
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