Waves Theme

Waves Theme

Waves is a theme of easy customization, and have lots of variables for you to leave it more like your taste. It supports all types of publications and works perfectly on mobile devices, so you can use it wherever you are.


  1. Responsive layout

  2. Banner width adjustable

  3. Content width adjustable (the posts vary too)

  4. Media share links

  5. 2 header style

  6. Title or favicon

  7. Custom title and body font

  8. Tags No/Yes

  9. Borders No/Yes

  10. Shadow No/Yes

  11. Featured Posts No/Yes

  12. Banner No/Yes

And More...

View the static preview here: http://amplamentepreview.tumblr.com/premium/waves/a

For contact me or get support for theme, find me on [email protected]
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