Memory Master

Memory Master is memory training software that allows users to memorize a deck of playing cards. This software was inspired by the Icue Memory app that once allowed users to memorize a deck of cards on their phone. Unfortunately Icue Memory was not compatible with later versions of IOS and was pulled from the app store. Because I could not find any software that replicated the functionality of Icue Memory I decided to create Memory Master to fill this gap in the market. Memory Master not only trains you to memorize a deck of playing cards but also contains a high score table that gives the user an additional incentive to improve their memorization speed. With regular use of Memory Master users can expect to see rapid improvement in their ability to memorize a deck of playing cards. Who should use this software? There are a few categories of people that would be interested in using this software. 1) Memory Students - The most obvious group is those looking to improve their memory. Memory Master will strengthen your memory and it will also train users looking to compete in memory competitions where memorizing a deck of cards is a required skill. If this is you then buy Memory Master now! 2) Gamblers - Memory Master is also aimed squarely at gamblers, specifically, Poker and Black Jack players. Imagine how your game would improve if you could memorize long sequences of cards. Gamblers would find obvious benefits in being able to calculate the likely chance of specific cards being dealt based upon the cards that had already been played. This skill greatly increases the chance of turning a profit whilst gambling. Buy Memory Master now and get the software that will both strengthen your mental faculties and give you the skills that will fatten your wallet! 3) Those who enjoy challenging mental activities - Are you the type of person that enjoys brain training? Do you use websites like Lumosity? If so, then Memory Master is definitely a program that you should use. Memory Master will sharpen your mental faculties in a way that is both enjoyable and challenging. Using Memory Master is very similar to playing games. Buy Memory Master now and reap the rewards of greatly enhanced cognitive function in the future! Train your memory the fun and effective way with Memory Master by purchasing this software today! System Requirements Please note this software requires Microsoft Windows to run.
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