squadpack - Inspire Crate Vol. 1

A loot box for producers.

We're back once again, and this time with our most ambitious product yet: the Inspire Crate.

We put our minds together and thought a lot about what was missing from sample packs when we first starting making electronic music, and what's missing from packs today. Our solution? A simple, no-nonsense all-in-one pack with zero filler.

The first Inspire Crate includes 6 royalty-free Construction Kits, 15 MIDI Progressions, 20 Serum Presets, and 175 premium quality samples perfect for a wide range of genres. We aren't going to charge you an arm and a leg either. At $25 USD you get all you need to create great tunes without needing to explain to the cat that sick beats are more important than bills.

This was a labor of love, and we're insanely jealous that newcomers are about to have access to sounds that we didn't. We hope you enjoy! <3

In this pack:

  • 6 - Construction Kits

  • 10 - Basses [Keyed]

  • 15 - MIDI Progressions [Includes chord names]

  • 20 - Pads

  • 20 - FX

  • 20 - Serum Presets [Basses, Leads, Pads, Plucks, Synths]

  • 175 - Premium Drum & Percussion Samples

As always, let us know what you're making and hit us up on any of our socials if you have any questions or critiques. We're always open to suggestions!

Thanks, and have fun!
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