Saturday AM # 17

We're back!!

Not just are we back but we come bearing one hell of a gift. FINALLY we debut the last of the founding manga of Saturday AM (just within the year anniversary--as we promised).

The Massively Multiplayer World of GHOSTS is poised to be...well...MASSIVE and the series launches with new art never before seen by normal webcomics fans.

Desmond Thompson's cartoony style art--brings a distinct mainstream feel to the shonen manga genre.

This issue has further awesome art from the likes of Wally Nguyen (Comatose); Raymond Brown (Buly Eater) and Philippa Borman (Animae). Interviews with the two finalists from our October open manga submissions group (watch out --- as these guys are on fire) round out the issue.

17 issues in and we're not slowing down! Nearly 100 pages of diverse, fun and winning manga from around the world.

Get it--you know you want to.

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