EDU 510 Week 1 Discussion

From the e-Activity, give a brief summary of 4-5 major details from the video on testing problems in Atlanta. Then explain two (2) types of pressure teachers and administrators face in accountability and meeting high-stakes assessment measures as described in Chapter 1. As a teacher, were you ever pressured to meet a testing goal or benchmark? How did you react? **** Here is an extra link to use if you cannot access the link in the e-activity. Both links are worthwhile viewing.
Do some research and select a school district, either one in your own area or where you teach, that has issues with standardized testing, one you would like to write about this quarter as part of the papers for this class. Post the name of that school district, the reason you have selected it, and list several problems you think you will be researching.
Here is some information about Assignment One, in which you will write about your chosen school district, and also chose a topic to focus on in terms of assessment issues. Which topic listed below interests you the most?
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