Movie Animatronics Vol.2 - Advanced eye mechanism

Running time 1hr 50mins
In our previous video we demostrated the entire process of building a radio controlled mechanical mask. However, the eye mechanism created was extremely simple and only involved left/right eye movement and upper lid blink. Because the realism of an animatronic character depends greatly on the animation of the eyes, sometimes it's necessary to design something more complex which can imitate the natural eye and eyelid movement more effectively. The mechanism created in this video involves 2 axis eye rotation and blinking is achieved with the movement of both the upper and lower eyelids. But the most interesting thing about this design is that the eyelids follow the eyes when they look up and down. The entire assembly requires only 3 servos. We will also take a look at AutoCAD 10 software to design our mechanics. Most of the parts created are not metal, so no machining skills are required. The DVD includes plans in PDF and DWG format, however this download does not, please contact us to receive the plans.
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