Managerial Accounting: E9-5 Icicle Bay Tours operates day tours of coastal glaciers

Managerial Accounting 
Icicle Bay Tours operates day tours of coastal glaciers in Alaska on its tour boat the Emerald Glacier. Management has identified two cost drivers—the number of cruises and the number of passengers—that it uses in its budgeting and performance reports. The company publishes a schedule of day cruises that it may supplement with special sailings if there is sufficient demand. Up to 88 passengers can be accommodated on the tour boat. Data concerning the company’s cost formulas appear below: 
Fixed Cost Per Month Cost per Cruise Cost per Passenger 
Vessel operating costs 6,600 471 3.20 
Advertising 2,400 
Administrative costs 6,000 34 1.50 
Insurance 3,300 
For example, vessel operating costs should be $6,600 per month plus $471 per cruise plus $3.20 per passenger. The company’s sales should average $31 per passenger. The company’s planning budget for August is based on 51 cruises and 3,050 passengers. 

Prepare the company’s planning budget for August. (Input all amounts as positive values.)
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