Auto Parts Database For Sale - Make, Model, Trim, Engine, Year and Brand from year 1942-2015

Auto Parts Database CSV File - Compressed in a .rar

Car Parts list for sale.

This auto parts database file for sale is comprised of an easily convertible CSV database of over 1.7 million vehicle car auto parts from over 68 makes, 22,603
 Models, 43,921 Trim levels and submodels all from from the years 1942 to 2015.

This auto parts database for sale can be used for a variety of business projects such as an auto parts website, website parts forums, the sale of auto parts and a solely owned car dealers part search site. There are many uses for this car parts database list. If you are looking to start an auto parts sales business, this is the file for you.

The auto parts database file is set-up in 12 highly structured data tables that you can search or browse automotive parts by: 

  • Year (74)

  • Make (68)

  • Model (22,603)

  • Trim / Submodel (43,921)

  • Engine (74,205)

  • Part (1,708,530)

  • Part Brand (765)

  Each automotive part has an individual part number (100%), manufacturer number (100%), retail list price (100%), text description (100%), fits (97.5%), JSON specifications (100%) containing over 700 different attributes such as, Product Fit (90.5%), Warranty (82.9%), Notes (47.4%), Fit Note (43.9%), Color / Finish, Material, Series, Design, Position, as well as, Recommended manufacturer use.    Car parts data records in the database are organized by car makes, years, models, sub-models / trims, engines and part brands.    Parts included: Accessory, Air Intake, Body Electrical, Body Mechanical & Trim, Brake, Car Care, Climate Control, Clutch, Cooling System, Driveshaft & Axle, Engine Electrical & Mechanical, Exhaust, Fuel Delivery, Interior Styling, Steering, Suspension, Tires & Wheels, and Transmission.    The category sections, `category`, `category_sub`, and `category_sub_sub` aren't associated with the other categorical sections in the file.

Please note: The Auto Parts Database file will be available to download the moment the order is placed. You will also receive a download link in your e-mail that you can use to download the file at any date in the future.

Thank you for your business.

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Descarga base de datos de la pieza del coche
nedladdning bildel databas
Xiàzài qìchē língjiàn shùjùkù
скачать часть автомобиля базы данных
skachat' chast' avtomobilya bazy dannykh
מסד מכונת חלק להורדה
دانلود پایگاه داده بخش خودرو
تحميل جزء في السيارة قاعدة بيانات
tahmil juz' fi alssayarat qaeidat bayanat
o download do banco de dados da peça do carro
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