Unlock Your Creativity/Tap Into Your Hidden Talents/Learn New Skills Easily

A Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner with extensive background research in Psychology, Sociology and Hypnotherapy. Studying Law of Attraction, human nature and various technical disciplines; my learning process never stops.

My unique Full Session Recordings are unavailable elsewhere on the web, and unlike many, standard MP3 recordings, I use multi-layers of subliminal messages recorded a hundred-times over to achieve a much stronger and quicker effect.

»» For similar and other recordings, please visit my website:www.mindposition.com 

▶ Want to be able to create original, meaningful ideas and innovations with ease? Desire to acquire skills that become your natural talent? This 17:37 MINUTE carefully chosen recording uses over 700 programming-affirmations to tap into your inventive imagination; bringing out the best of you creatively.


Sit back, relax your mind and listen to the audio at a normal volume. Quality earphones and headphones preferably. Twice in the morning and twice before falling asleep is recommended, the more you listen the more it will help. However, more than 10 hours a day of listening will tire your mind and be counterproductive. 

***Recordings should NOT be listened to whilst driving, operating machinery or at any time the listener needs to remain focused.***
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