Sony Vegas Presets Pack (300 vegas effects)


Here you have the new version of my Sony Vegas Presets Pack with over 300 vegas effects :

+ 160 BCC presets
+ 150 Sapphire presets
+ my personnal Shake settings
+ my personnal RSMB settings

Keypoints :

- My presets are compatible with every version of Sony Vegas (11,12,13,14 & 15).
- Every time I update the pack, you get a free copy of the new one.

About :

All these effects are mine. I use them in every of my edits. This is all my skills.
After purchasing, you'll get a folder with all my effects files (see screenshot). Then, you just have to copy and paste this folder in your own Sony Vegas OFX presets. This is super easy to use.

Contact :

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to tweet at me @DeerEdits or skype : deer.edits !

Hope you enjoy !
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