The 30 Minute Guide To Training Your Cockapoo

The 30 Minute Guide To Training Your Cockapoo

A Fun Easy Guide To Training Your Cockapoo


One of the things which makes these books stand out above the others for me is that the author can be contacted for advice through the website. Dogs don't follow rule books so I've often found after reading a puppy/dog book I have a question but usually no one to askKaren, Tamworth

Great book, a definite purchase for anyone looking at getting a Cockapoo as once you've read this book you will definitely want to own your own Cockapoo! It breaks down everything you need to know into an easy, loving 4 step process that is applied to every aspect of the training. We are fortunate to own a Cockapoo. This book is spot on. Cannot recommend it enough. - Henry, S

Best Cockapoo Training guide I have read. Laid out really clearly and easy to follow 4 stop technique. My Cockapoo Bryson, is finally overcoming his separation anxiety!!  - Alison, Hemming

This 30 Minute Training Guide is written for the dog owner who doesn't have days and weeks to train their Cockapoo.

As any experienced dog trainer will tell you, no two dogs are the same. This statement is particularly true about Cockapoos because they’re a cross-breed. Unlike pure breeds, cross-breeds have unpredictable characteristics.  Based on The Dogs Trust Training method, it teaches simple, easy to follow instructions for both the Cockapoo and dog owner.

When you follow the steps in this guide, you will begin to understand dog training can be 100% successful and enjoyable for dog and owner.  You can be both partners and companions, so you’re Cockapoo becomes a respected, and respectful, member of his new family.

All Basic Commands Covered

What every dog owner enjoys is a 'take anywhere dog', that is well behaved in other people's homes, at the shops and in the park. Learning the five basic commands will ensure you've got a Cockapoo that is always a pleasure to be with!


Getting your Doodle potty-trained is the first training you're going to do with him and the also the most important to help him settle into family life. The good news is it can be done as quickly as two weeks!

Doing crating correctly goes hand in hand with a puppy training programme. A dog crate serves several important functions for a puppy if introduced properly into his routine. It will become a place of comfort and safety and give him down time to relax but still feel part of the family.

Correcting Bad Behaviours

All dogs are prone to do the same things unless taught not to: pulling on the lead, problem barking and jumping up are all common behaviours which are easily corrected.

First Tricks

Once you've got your confidence with Cockapoo Training, increase your bond with your dog and enjoy doing some fun tricks together.  I'll show you how to do Shake A Paw and Roll Over.

Give you and your family the gift of a well trained dog. The 30 Minute Guide will allow your Cockapoo to the thing he wants to most - please you!


1. Why Train Your Cockapoo

  • Equipment

  • Training Environment

2. Canine psychology

  • Learn how your dog learns

3. How to train your Cockapoo

4. Teach your Cockapoo his name

5. House training

6. Crating

7. Basic Commands

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Stay

  • Walking on the lead

  • Come

8. Correcting bad behaviours

  • What makes for a happy Cockapoo

  • Pulling on lead

  • Barking

  • Solutions

  • Train to not bark

  • Overcoming separation anxiety

  • Jumping up

9. First Tricks

  • Shake a Paw

  • Roll Over

10. Training Classes

11. Top Tips for teaching and training

I have a couple of dogs, neither of them a Cockapoo but what a good book. I wish I had read this when I was house training. The section on crating is what saved my sanity. I had gone through two years of not being able to house train the dogs (one would have been ok but the other would have to urinate in the house and then the male needed to mark it!). Crating literally changed my life and the description and instructions of how to do it in the book are exactly what you need to follow. The book covers pretty much all the questions I had as a new owner and some that I had even having been an experienced owner.

Plain English, good explanations and well laid out. - Harmony

*Purchase with Confidence. There is a 7 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee

*This book comes as a PDF file.

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I'm here to help with your Cockapoo journey!
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