Work From Home PLR Package

Do you need content for your Work from Home blog or website? Or what about an eBook you are putting together? The ten articles in this package can be used for that...and more. For just a few ideas of how the package can be used, read on. Private Label Rights (PLR)
- Load them into your autoresponder (More subscribers!) - Submit them to article directories (More traffic!)
- Offer them as guest articles on other people’s blogs (More traffic from your backlinks!)
- Turn them into an eBook (More money!) - Put them on a CD and ship to your readers (More money!)
- Combine them into YouTube content (More traffic and money!)
- Or whatever other way you can think of to bring in traffic and money!

You get a pack of 10 work from home articles (400 - 600 words each) with private label rights, meaning you can use them as you please.

Here’s what you get:
How to Turn your Article Into Passive Income (524 words)
Make Money With PLR (629 words)
How to Turn eBooks Into Green (637 words) Could You Sell Ice Cubes to a Polar Bear? (531 words)
Does the Term Ghostwriting Scare You? (479 words)
How to Help Others Land Their Dream Job (414 words)
Help Your Favorite Cause Raise $$$ (589 words)
Get Paid to use Your Imagination (448 words)
Teaching Life Skills Through Books (423 words)
Life Experiences Can Pay Off (450 words)
And, just to show you the quality, here is an excerpt from Could You Sell Ice Cubes to a Polar Bear?:
- You have to show the reader you have the cure-all for their problem. The first step is to identify one problem (overweight), then offer one solution (exercise equipment). Once you have offered the solution, you have to show just why (benefits) it will work for them. Testimonials from existing customers show that real people have tried the equipment, and it works. Finally, you have to get them to buy the equipment. This is where the sense of urgency comes in. Buy now and save ($$$)! This offer won’t last long. As an added bonus, order right now and get (offer a bonus here). -
There are only 20 of these packages available, so order yours today! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. The price of this package is less than dinner and a movie with the family. Once you utilize the content, you WILL be on the road to taking them out more often. Order now before they are all gone.
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