Martina Long to Pixie

Martina had waist length hair and she's willing to get a pixie cut. So we did fun things to her hair on the way. First, we trimmed just a tiny bit off the ends and trimmed her grown-out bangs to eyebrow length. Then we tied her hair into pigtails and ponytails for her to play with long hair before the big chop.

Then the moment of truth. Scissors was passed to her, and she hacked off her long hair on her own. The stylist then took over and hacked off even more. We gave her a chin length bob first. Next, we buzzed the nape and sides with a #3 attachment. Then we cut the top into a bowlcut. Finally, we cut her hair into a pixie style.

A lot of hair got chopped off!

Video length: 100 min
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