HSC Chemistry Core Modules

Hey everyone!

I graduated from Baulkham Hills High School in 2014 with an ATAR of 99.80 and a HSC mark of 96 in Chemistry and 96 in Physics (98 Examination Mark).

I am now selling my Chemistry and Physics notes that I used in conjunction with past papers to study for the HSC. They have been continually refined throughout the year using multiple resources, HSC marking criterias and senior marker feedbacks.

I have ensured that these notes are easy to read and follow as they are well formatted, structured according to syllabus dot points, include diagrams and tables and are comprehensively written. This ensures for a logical flow and a holistic understanding of the concepts to allow for you to ace 5-mark or higher short answer responses.

I have also especially included in-depth practical summaries for the first-hand investigations that people often neglect. These include practical procedures, risk assessments, observations and important limitations that are often assessed in exams.

I hope these notes will serve as a great assistance in your studies. Good luck!

• Production of Materials (33 Pages)
• The Acidic Environment (33 Pages)
• Chemical Monitoring and Management (33 Pages)
• Chemistry of Art (24 Pages)

• Space (19 Pages)
• Motors and Generators (31 Pages)
• From Ideas to Implementation (31 Pages)
• Astrophysics (25 Pages)
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