MHR - Week 8 DQ

MHR - Week 8 DQ

Describe some of the contemporary leadership training practices. Bringing together the concepts and findings from other readings, what do organizations need to be doing to develop better and more effective leaders? Provide 2–3 examples of organizations that are selecting, training, and assessing their leaders to better connect actions to leadership principles.

  1. The assignment should have an introduction and conclusion.

  2. Your answer should include three citations or more.

  3. Your citations should be as per the Harvard Referencing System.

  4. Provide specific examples from the real world to support your argument.

  5. 500 words

Satisfactory answers will demonstrate clear understanding of the topics and issues related to the assignment and will be able to explain the reasons in more depth using examples from a real business world. Excellent answers will be able to raise appropriate critical questions

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