SOC313-Discussion 1

The two authors of this article wanted us to think that the defining characteristics of a crowd are negative. Although there are large crowds that are often formed for positive reasons, they wanted to convey the possibilities of what can happen when a crowd gets out of control and begin participating in unlawful behavior. In their article, they included several examples of what went on following the Lakers win. None of these examples were positive and it the article displayed this in multiple manners. One key point I noticed was the two quotations from members of the crowd. Both of these people were using poor grammar, and in my opinion, were included in the article to make it seem as if people in a rioting crowd are typically of lesser intelligence. The police reports also included a lot of the violence and statistics of what happened that night. Although there were many factors that likely contributed to a riot such as this, the author’s outlined it through the police reports and what the LAPD saw as the repercussions of the riot
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