Boonk GFX Pack By Nemoh

If you want to take your thumbnails and designs to the next level for completely free, you've found the pack to download! This pack includes some of the best and unique layerstyles, color corrections, emojis, effects, and lighting!


How I keep my prices low is by having a system that helps me defend against attempted fraud such as a customer receiving their goods and then attempting a chargeback.

To defend myself against fraudulent claims, I reserve the right to use customer information to make my case against payment processors, banks, credit card carriers, the IC3, and if required, local authorities.

I also reserve the right to take any official legal action where we see fit.

The bottom line is - if you are here to commit fraud, I will pursue you through every avenue available, not only to reclaim any disputed funds, but to make sure any necessary legal action is taken so that others won't be a victim.
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