SCI 275 Week 8 Energy Resource Plan

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SCI 275 Week 8 Energy Resource Plan

Imagine that you are the
Chief Environmental Officer for Volta Cars. Your current project is to reduce
the company's reliance on fossil fuels and replace it with one renewable

Develop a
7-10 slide PowerPoint Presentation for the Board of Diretcors. The presentation
will outline conservation education for Volta Cars employees and one renewable
energy source that the company can use to reduce their reliance on fossil
fuels. Include the following points: 

  • Propose
    three major energy conservation steps that the company can take to reduce
    it's reliance on fossil fuels.

  • Outline
    energy conservation education training and  incentives for employees
    in order to implement your energy conservation ideas.

  • Propose the
    use of one specific renewable resource to help reduce the reliance on
    fossil fuels. What are some challenges to implementing this resource?

  • Expalin how
    you plan addresses this challenges or offset their negative effects? 

Use your textbook, and two additional
reputable sources.

Include an
introductory slide, a summary slide, and a reference slide with three reputable
sources plus your textbook.

Include 300-500
words in your speaker notes

Include supporting
visuals, such as photos, diagrams, and/or graphs.

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