Dragon/Adopt Base

By purchasing this you agree to my terms of service.
You MAY:

  • Make adoptables/refs and sell them

  • Alter/edit it and make new stuff for it

  • Use for personal use

  • Credit to me for the base is a MUST!

  • Note me on FA with your PayPal email so I can confirm and add your FA name to a list of "approved users"

You may NOT:

  • Hand out the SAI/PSD file.

  • Sell the SAI/PSD file.

Includes:- 70 options

  • 4 Bases (Scaley/Fluffy+Male/Female)

  • 4 Wings

  • 16 Hairstyles

  • 10 Horn types

  • 8 Ear types

  • 29 "Other"

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