CPMGT 300 Week 1 Overview of a Project

CPMGT 300 Week 1 Overview of a Project

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 CPMGT 300 Week 1 Overview of a Project

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you describe a project you have managed personally or professionally. Examples may include a trip you planned, a new product or service developed for your employer, a staff reorganization, and so on.

Develop a project overview that addresses the following questions. NOTE:  write this as a paper and do NOT use these questions as headers.  The intent is to provide an essay that addresses these questions in the essay.




What were the mission and objectives of the project and how was the need for the project identified?


What were the high-level tasks or scope of the project?


What was the budget and final cost;how was it funded?


When did it begin and end?  Was there any delays?


Who were the parties involved in the project and what were the roles of each party (team) member?


What steps did you establish to ensure the project was a success?


How did you measure the success of your project?


Overall, how did project management help to make this project a success?


Format your paper according to APA guidelines, use a minimum of 2 references in your paper.

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