THE VIPER METHOD - Client Acquisition Formula for Designers and Developers

Based in behavioral psychology, The Viper Method is a powerful, step by step operational strategy for acquisition of new clients and prospecting website design buyers. The method is a compelling collection of techniques based in geo targeting, personalization, custom prospecting and viper instinct.

Do not expect to get a client out of each message you send. Depending on your target, your industry and the real client's needs, expect about a 3%-10% Conversion rate when you personalize, customize and deploy your Viper Message. Having said that, out of 100 viper emails you send out, you should be getting 3 expressions of interests (EOI) from your targeted prospects. It's now your mission to turn those interested prospects into clients. At this Point, Viper Method already worked for you.

There are many things we can learn about the Viper Method. one being the Geo Location Approach and other being the Template System to use. The combination of both is what matters.

LOW COST: It is inexpensive.

SPEED: It's fast.

INSTANT DEPLOYMENT: It's deployable within 1 minute

EFFECTIVENESS: It is effective - A technique designed to convert curiosity into sales.
The Viper Method is a great way to get new clients without the guesswork... Using a set of pre-filled templates, your business reduces expensive marketing budgets and increases conversions.

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