The Form of Sprint 1 and 2 Bundle!!

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The Form of Sprinting

Extended preview original FOS:

Form Of Sprinting is not a special concept. It’s the complete compilation of what the best sprinters in the world all do. Explained at the simplest level. The only quality cycling sprint instructional video on the market!

Make more speed with the power you have today!

Make more power with better form on the bike!

Easy to follow instructions that anyone can use to improve, from pro to novice!

Can be applied to any cycling discipline. Focus on road and track sprinting!

What makes Form Of Sprinting different then any other cycling video on the market? Breaking down and refining parts of the sprint most people don’t even know exist. This is what you get with your download!

Run time 26:00 minutes that includes:

Introduction:(featured on the preview)

Ergo explanation (why we shot this indoor and the unit we used)

Five parts of the sprint each with an oral and physical lecture followed by action scenes in real speed, slow motion, and stop motion with diagrammed captions.

1: The pedal stroke: The break down of the most powerful way to pedal. Most people are loosing efficiency and power with a flat-footed technique. Instantly increase performance with a few simple changes. After this skill is subconscious you can be much more powerful over distance too!

2: Hand position: Simple teaching on how your hand position may be affecting your interface with the bike. This can drop your power and make you slow!

3: The Torque phase: The most important part of interfacing the bike to make
5-second power. Very few understand how important this form is for increasing your power. Up to 100 watts increase in 5-second when done properly. Even more after the skill is mastered!

4: The Run phase: This technique is only used by the most elite of sprinters. This is the extension of your power into high cadence and max speed. This is only taught or innately learned by the fastest sprinters around but it can be applied by anyone. It will make you instantly faster!

5: Seated Power: Today riders can push big gears with tons of torque. No way you’re going to make big power sitting on the front of the saddle. Push a bigger gear faster and longer then you thought possible. This form will keep you more aero and much more efficient over time too!

The biggest fallacy circulated in the world of cycling is that you need massive power to go fast. I am going to teach you to use the power you have now to go much faster then you thought possible. This the ONLY cycling sprint instructional video on the Internet and possible the most in depth discussion on a 10-20 second activity in the cycling world! I only make 1500 watts rolling at this point in my life. I don’t claim to be the fastest man on earth although that it is a goal. I am almost 35, still pursuing the highest level and still getting faster! What I have learned in that pursuit is that training will get you so far but if you have bad form then no amount of training can help you! The main issue with most people is not how much power they make; it’s how they apply it. I have now taken my 1500 max watts to 10.3 Flying 200m(43mph average!) and been able to successfully repeat this form in EVERYONE I have ever taught. The key to making speed on a bike (notice I said speed not power) is efficiency and full body engagement. My max power is not 2,000 rolling watts but I fade very little extending that power to a very high max speed. I achieve this by using my entire body in the most efficient way possible. From the moment I start my sprint to the last pedal stroke in my flying 200. I can say with certainty this method of sprinting can be applied in track, road, or any other cycling discipline and can be utilized by the pro all the way down to the novice.

This is a high quality digital down load of almost 1 gig. Download time can vary depending on your connection speed.

Preview here:

Form of Sprinting 2! Drills, Power Training & Tactics

The follow up to the wildly successfully original!
MP4 format compatible with all computers!

Run Time 32 minutes; 8 scenes all with video example and lecture

Drills: 5 drills with lecture and explanation of how to implement into your training! Just like the original we select 5 key drills and break down how they can be used in your own personal speed improvement!
Power Training: Detailed instruction using your 20 & 30 second power averages to train your capacity to the highest level of efficiency!

Power Profiling: The topic most riders either don’t know exists or are trained to believe the software currently available is useful. This detailed lecture on the true measure of power and cadence turns the logic of power to weight for sprinters on its head! Perhaps the most important segment on diagnosing exactly why and how you go faster!

Applied tactics: a short lecture on how to implement the drills and make you the fastest at the finish line where it counts the most!

Road sprints: A short lecture on implementing each drill to be more specific to the road. This will take your road sprint to another level!
Take your sprint to the Elite level today!
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