CJA 344 Week 3 Learning Team Panel Discussion

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*************************************CJA 344 Week 3 Learning Team Panel Discussion

Choose one team member who will serve
as a moderator. The remaining team members will serve as panelists.
The moderator summarizes the
key points of the articles selected by the team in Week One and comes up with
at least five questions to ask about the articles.
The panelists will answer the
moderator’s questions. Each question asked must be answered by every panelist
to ensure a wide variety of opinions.
Then, the moderator should
facilitate a brief discussion related to the team members’ responses to the
Submit a reflection summary of the
team discussion.
Choose to write a 350- to 700-word paper or to create a 5- to 7-slide
Microsoft® Power Point® presentation with speaker
Include the following in your paper or
Who played what role
A brief summary of the
A list of the questions asked
by the moderator
A brief summary of the panel
discussion and your reactions to the articles

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