Master the Press to handstand


The Press to Handstand is one of the most effective bodyweight skill that you can do, that will not only develop Strength and Mobility.. But also will develop balance, coordination and stability

This program is designed for complete Beginners to Advanced bodyweight/gymnastics athletes. The only prerequisite is to have a solid handstand to ensure optimal progress.

Program Prerequisites:

* Straight Handstand (20-30s)

This program will develop:

*Press To Handstand
*Pancake Flexibility (passive and active)
*Compression/Core Strength
*Straight Arm Strength
*Shoulder/upper back Strength

The program includes:

- Press Handstand Manual (PDF)
- Videos of ALL the exercises (HD)
- Detailed descriptions/instructions
- 24/7 E-mail support from ME
- Exlusive offers on NEW programs

Have any questions or thoughts about the program please send me a message here or on Instagram/Facebook/Mail!! 🤔
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