PSY 260 Week 2 CLC - Selecting an Article

This is a CLC assignment.

Working together, your group should choose three or four empirical journal articles (if there are three people in your group, three articles; if there are four people in your group, four articles) on a psychology topic. The members of your group (three to four per group) will use the same articles. Your articles must be empirical journal articles, not reviews (if you do not remember what that means, look it up in Chapter 2) and must be selected from the following journals:

Look for articles that use simple statistics that you recognize. Tables of correlations and regression coefficients are good, and bar graphs or line graphs are usually a good sign, too. If they have too many complex statistics, you will not be able to use them.

Your group will turn in the permalink for each of your articles. One set per group should be included on a word document and uploaded to the group forum. Label the Post: GROUP PERMALINKS.
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