Dan Mumm's Extended Bach Collection - 9 Songs, 10 Guitar TABs and 9 Backing Tracks

The Extended Bach Collection includes:

♪ 9 Song Metal Bach EP (Mp3 format)
♪ 10 Complete Guitar Tabs (PDF format)
♪ 10 Complete Guitar Tabs (Guitar Pro format)
♪ 9 Complete Backing Tracks (Mp3 format)
♪ Instant Download!
**A $28 Value**

The Extended Bach Collection includes 9 Classical Metal arrangements of compositions by J.S. Bach and includes a 9 song album, 10 Guitar Tabs and 9 Backing Tracks. Studio recordings of each song are included in Mp3 format, complete TAB files are included in both PDF and Guitar Pro format and complete Backing Tracks are included in Mp3 format.

The included songs are as follows:

01. Toccata and Fugue in Dm (2015 version, available now for the first time)
02. Concerto in Am BWV 1041 I. Allegro (2015 remake)
03, Concerto in Cm BWV 1060 III. Allegro
04. Invention No. 13
05. Concerto in Dm BWV 1052 I. Allegro
06. Badinerie
07. Concerto for Two Violins in Dm BWV 1043 I. Vivace
08. Invention No. 4
09. Minuet in G (2010)
10. Solo Partita No. 3 in E Major (Tab only)

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