The Decksterity Code

For the serious Telepathy Act or Mentalism Duo

A Tutorial - Martin T Hart's Unfathomable Spoken Code for Card Tricks - requires TWO people to perform.

Secretly communicate the identity of any freely chosen playing card to your partner as if you are using real telepathy. Here is a spoken code that is so undectatble it fooled an audience of magicians at The Magic Circle in London.

Learn in 27 minutes. The Decksterity Code allows you to perform all kinds of card tricks, even over the telephone or on a video call. You will create the illusion you have powers of ESP, mind reading or a superior sense of smell -

Once you master this brilliantly disguised secret spoken code, you can create an abys of card tricks and other effects only limited to your imagination. Examples given.

27minutes - Tutorial in English only
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