Week 1: Individual: Tip Calculator in C#

Write an application that is used to determine the tip amount that should be added to a restaurant charge. This program may be a console application or a Windows Forms application. No matter whether you choose to develop a Windows Forms application or a console application, be sure the interface is professional looking and intuitive to use for the novice end user. Allow the user to input the total, before taxes and the tip percentage (15% or 20%). Produce output showing the calculated values including the total amount due for both the 15% and the 20% tips. Write appropriate methods for your solution, meaning develop your own void or value-returning methods in some way. Include identifying information in the form of block comments at the top of each class in the project (programmer name, date, program description). Include adequate comments throughout the program, utilize meaningful names for controls, variables, fields, and forms. Include white space for readability purposes in the code.