August 2016 — Being Home with Each Other©

This Webinar Focuses upon the
Removal of Lifetimes of Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Sexual Connections through different Times. 
Clearing of your Organs and Subtle bodies will be felt as though you or your Twin Flame may have trouble "Letting Go". 
You do not wish to " Let Go"  yet without having the way, you may feel stuck.

 If you have times where you feel that your 3D is not matching your 5D experiences, feeling that hopeless feeling,  here is where you will turn the corner.

Along with the Content are several  exercises (7) specific to helping you Clear, and Bring in your own LOVE HIGHER Energy, as going forward you may find things challenging.  This brings it back to your own Light Body which will literally REMOVE what is tethering either of you into place.  Each Twin Flame couple's guidance and purpose and direction may be different. As you do so, you will find new Experiences of yourself and the Connection to your own Higher Self, easier than you may have Beleived!"
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