The 1440 Power System®  e-Book

The 1440 Power System® e-Book

Here it is!!!

This book explores new concepts that are not widely known.  I decided to share this proactive Patent discovery 1440TIME™ and The 1440 Power System® with everyone, but it will greatly impact the ones who are self-driven and looking to raise-the-bar they set for themselves even higher.

I did not “invent” the concept of a new time clock.  Instead, I took an “old time” concept in place for thousands of years and upgraded the 'time component' to the speed of which our modern world runs. My desire to “be better” and to strive for more, has to lead me to transform the old “standard” view of time into the new dynamic and powerful 21st concept called 1440TIME™ and the connector--The1440 Power System®.  When applied correctly, it will change the way you see, experience, and value your time forever.

But first, we must overcome cognitive dissonance, and two barriers: the current clock and calendar. You’ve been living on someone else’s clock and calendar system (Julian & Gregorian Calendar System 46 BC-1582 AD). A matrix, a beginning reality of past civilizations thinking of those times! The single greatest ongoing illusion/delusion of our time! Keeping millions from tapping into their true human potential!!!

Everything changes in some way, even a rock changes over time, but the clock hasn’t budged a Planck unit for thousands of years !!

Get ready for the “Next generation” time-clock, 1440TIME™!  A declining minute measurement based system that will have you Rich in no time!

When You Control The Clock You Control The Game

Enjoy the book and welcome to the world of "real-time"

Kevin McGrane
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