BHE 418 Case 1 Assignment .DOC

BHE 418 Case 1 Assignment

Utilize the required readings for this module and access to write a short paper (2-3 pages) addressing the following items in particular:

  1. Describe the County Health Rankings.

  2. At the County Health Ranking’s Web page, click on the “search by county, state, or topic” area.

  • Search for “Orange, CA” information.

  • Identify Orange County, California’s ranking under “Health Behaviors”.

  • Identify percentages of 4 health behaviors listed under Orange County.

  • Search for your Local County and State where you currently live.

  • Briefly summarize findings about your local county and state’s health outcomes (example: to length of life, quality of life, and health behaviors).

In your own words, define “risk factors” and provide examples of risk factors for health behaviors you identified in #2 above. Be sure to cite a reference even though you used your own words.

Research and identify another source of data for health behaviors (e.g., national database or tracking system).
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